In Scott McCloud’s graphic novel The Sculptor, tortured artist David Smith struggles to find both appreciation for his sculptures, and the skill 610yfF-huNL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_to bring his more grand ideas to life.

When the penniless sculptor finally hits rock bottom, he’s visited by the Grim Reaper himself and they strike a morbid deal. The Grim Reaper will bestow upon David a supernatural ability to sculpt his art into any form he can imagine but in return, his lifespan is shortened to 200 days.

David accepts without hesitation and struggles against time to immortalize himself and his art in this tale of tragedy, romance, and redemption.

The artwork is drawn with impressive detail and the dull colorization seems emphasize the hopelessness the protagonist often feels. I’d recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys superhero comics but is looking to expand their horizons into more complex themes.

The Sculptor is available for checkout at the VC/UHV Library. You’ll find it on the 1st Floor in our Graphic Novel collection.

Review written by Grant S.