In Apocalypse Cow by Michael Logan, British scientists have the harebrained idea that they will develop a bioweapon that they will use to infect the livestock of enemy countri12925656es. What they didn’t expect was the virus to run amok in the U.K. turning cows, cats, rats, and pretty much every animal into virus sneezing, sexually aggressive, bloodthirsty zombies.

When Leslie, a bungling reporter is asked to pick up phone messages for her arch rival while he’s off on assignment, she gets the break of a lifetime. She sets out to write the story of a lifetime by proving that the strange outbreak of infected cows is not the work of terrorist cells, but the country’s own government.

She teams up with slaughterhouse worker Terry, the lone survivor of the initial outbreak, and Geldof, the nerdy teenage son of a vegan hippie couple, who dreams of eating a nice juicy steak. With data that could help to create a cure, the three work to escape a now quarantined Britain.

Standing in the way are the bloodthirsty animals, an insane security guard set on destroying the evidence, and the army, who are ready to kill anyone who even looks like the might be sick just in case humans can become infected.

This hilarious adventure is hard to put down. Even if you don’t like the zombie theme, you’ll enjoy the oddball cast of characters as they struggle, with family, bullies, crushes, and themselves. This laugh out loud comedy is a can’t miss.

Apocalypse Cow is available for checkout at the VC/UHV Library. You’ll find it in our Leisure Reading area on the 1st floor.

Review written by Rebecca H.