City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I am always looking for a new series of books to read.  I used to be a true bookworm-anything and everything.  Because I don’t have nearly the time to read I cityofbonesdid when I was younger it takes a lot for a book to catch and hold my attention.  If I find that if a book is not doing that I have no problem putting it down and going to something else.

I was recently in checking out titles in the Leisure Reading section of the library when I happened to see the title City of Bones: Book One of The Mortal Instruments.  I had heard a little about it but the cover looked interesting so I decided to pull the book and read the inside covers and first page or so.  I was immediately yanked into a turbulent world of “mundies,” mundane or normal people and “Shadowhunters”, warriors dedicated to ridding the world of demons.

In order to protect the mundies the Shadowhunters and demons are able to glamorize the reality of the world so that the mundanes see only what they expect to see.  They can change the appearance of buildings, vehicles and themselves.

The story centers around sixteen-year old Clary Fray who has lived until now in a world that she perceives as normal who suddenly finds herself seeing people others don’t see.  With this new “sight” come many dangers, adventures and the growing knowledge that her mother has kept many secrets throughout Clary’s whole life.

This book is the first in a series of four that can be found in the Leisure Reading area of the VC/UHV Library.

Review written by Lou Ellen C.