From bestselling author and Christian pastor Joseph Prince, who brought you such works as Destined to Reign and Unmerited Favor, comes his latest gem of grace-centered, Christian teaching, The Power of Right Believing.  Joseph Prince has powerbelieveemerged as a revolutionary figure in the Christian Church, proclaiming the gospel of grace through his growing nationwide ministry.  The senior pastor of New Creation Church in Singapore, Prince has taken the message of the Gospel of grace world-wide through Joseph Prince ministries, influencing many other ministries in the process.

In The Power of Right Believing, Pastor Prince explores the tools necessary for people to break free from addiction, depression and bondage brought about by wrong beliefs that have been perpetrated throughout the ages in Christian teaching.  The aim of the book is to bring readers a fresh revelation of who God really is and how erroneous teachings in the Christian church have wrongfully portrayed Him to people today.  Prince illustrates for the reader what it means to believe right and live a victorious life through Jesus Christ using numerous testimonies from not only members of his congregation, but from those effected by his teachings all over the world.  Prince also uses scriptural citations and literal Biblical translations to dispel many myths that have surrounded Christianity.  The main theme of the book is the powerful, yet simplistic concept that right believing will always lead to right living.  When people see God as a loving father in Christ and not a harsh disciplinarian, it has the power to transform them and their lives through the perfect finished work of Jesus.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about their faith and wants to explore the Gospel of Grace.  I wouldn’t categorize it as a self-help book, but rather a Christ-help book.

Review written by Greg G.