Imagine reading a story to your baby to lull them to sleep, but instead of putting them to sleep, you’ve actually killed them.

lullabyIn Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby, reporter Carl Streator realizes that unsuspecting parents are reading a culling song, a lullaby sung in Africa to give a painless death to the old and sick, to their children.

Streator, with three others in tow, sets out on a mission across the country to destroy all copies of the book containing the deadly song, which can kill whether it’s read out loud or just thought. They misfit group sneaks in to libraries and tear out the pages, go into people’s homes to offer makeovers while seeking out the copies, and even burn down a bookstore to make sure no more damage can be done.

Palahniuk’s novel is not only a fun journey, but a struggle on whether to keep the spell (and any others that might be discovered) to gain power or destroy it to keep people safe.

It’s a quick read and the characters are well developed, but early on in the book there are hauntings in some of the local houses, and Lullaby fails to tie up those loose ends.

Lullaby is available for checkout at the VC/UHV Library. You’ll find it in our Leisure Reading area.

Review written by Rebecca H.