Eldest by Christopher Paolini is the second book in the Inheritance Cycle. Eldest continues telling the story of Eragon and his dragon, Saphira. This book follows three stories taking place at the same time but at different places in Alagaësia.

The book begins with the leader of the Varden – the men and women fighting against the rule of King Galbatorix – dying in battle. After the leader’s death, the Varden elect his daughter, Nasuada, to lead them. Nasuada decides to move the Varden from the dwarf city of Tronjheim to Surda – an independent county south of Alagaësia – so the Varden can begin their attack on Galbatorix and his Empire.

At the same time, Eragon and Saphira also decide to leave Tronjheim and travel to the forest Du Weldenvarden so he can be trained by the elves to become a Dragon Rider. Upon his arrive to Du Weldenvarden, Eragon and Saphira learn Brom & the elves have kept many secrets from them regarding their heritage and importance in the fight against Galbatorix. Wasting no time, however, Eragon and Saphira begin their training and are taught magic, logic, fighting skills and more.

Eldest also follows the story of Roran, Eragon’s cousin, back in Carvahall. After the town in unexpectedly attacked by Galbatorix’s soldiers and deadly, bird-like creatures called Ra’zac, Roran becomes the leader in organizing the town’s defense system. Roran, along with the citizens of Carvahall, are forced to make tough decisions in order to ensure their survival.

Towards the end of the book, the choices of Nasuada, Roran, Eragon and Saphira bring them back together to begin the war to overthrow Galbatorix. The choices each of the characters make have unforseen consequences as they are torn between acting for the greater good and acting for self-satisfaction.

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Review written by Amanda B.