It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong

The VC/UHV Library owns this title, but a former co-worker actually loaned me this book to read back in 2003. I remember this book being an inspiring and a powerful story of how cyclist Lance Armstrong triumphed over personal obstacles he faced in his life… and came back on top even stronger. After successfully overcoming a life threatening illness, he experienced lows where he didn’t want to get back on his bike again, but oh did he! This book details Lance Armstrong’s young life from his teens to his twenties.

It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life is a good read and I don’t say that about many books. The editing was flowing and consistent; the voice of this book kept my interest until the very last page. The most touching part of the book was when Armstrong was at his weakest, while in the hospital. His sheer determination to survive struck a chord with me. The most empowering was when he was encouraged to train again after he recovered. At times quick witted and emotional, the overarching theme of this book provides powerful lessons of bouncing back and being better off than you were before.

After the scope of this book and as of 2012, Lance Armstrong went on to win several Tour de France titles; his non-profit organization benefiting cancer, the  Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG) is still going strong; he rode several Houston to Austin MS150 rides benefiting multiple sclerosis; he won a few half Iron Man triathlons, and has 5 beautiful children. This book is about getting up when he fell down. It’s about the winding roads and steep hills that life throws.  It’s about finding the strength when he had none. It’s about the people he met along the way and the importance of a support system. It’s about ignoring the inner (and outer) critics and having the faith to fulfill dreams, against all odds. It’s not about the bike.

Review written by Berika Williams